Our trip to Russia

Our trip to Russia started on the 10 th September 2019. We had our flight to Frankfurt at 6 a.m. so we met in Gorizia at 2.30 a.m. When we arrived at Venice airport we did the chek- in and then we waited for the flight. When we arrived in Frankfurt we took another plane to Sankt Peterburg. We landed in the afternoon where the English teacher was waiting for us with two minibuses. Almost an hour later we arrived at the school which was located in the suburbs of the city where our host families were waiting for us. We went to our flat. I unpacked the luggage and then they offered me to eat a typical Russian soup with beetroot, tomatoes and meat. In the evening we went to the city center for a walk and I saw how beautiful the city was and I fell in love with all the canals, lights, buildings that are the perfect combination for a nice atmosphere.

The flat I was staying in was small. I slept alone and my room was very cozy because it was new. The family was very nice and welcoming.

To move from one place of the city to another we used the underground. It took us 30 minutes from the city center. The apartment was in a block of flats which was similar to many others.

I did not like the food very much especially the food we used to eat at school. They actually have a different culture about food. At  some the food was much better. They used to drink a lot of boiling hot tea that was very good.

The school system is also very different from ours. Every teacher has one „personal“ classroom and every lesson the students change classrooms. We had art, Russian language, history, and geography lessons. It was very nice because we spoke in Russian and it really helped us to improve our knowledge. My favourite class was the music one.

The activities after school were very interesting. The first day we went sightseeing. The first thing we visited was Isaac‘s Cathedral and a memorial for the zar Peter I. Then we saw the Ermitage which is on the other bank of the river Neva. We saw paintings of Caravaggio, Canaletto, Rembrandt and da Vinci. The following day we went to Peterhof where there are many beautiful fountains.

On Saturday and Sunday we had some free time to spend with our Russian friends so we went to Puškin. We saw Ekaterinski dvorec and also the huge park nearby. Then we went to a restaurant where we had a really good pizza.

On Sunday we spent the day searching for cute souvenirs to bring home. On Monday we went to a museum called Grand Maket where there was Russia in minature. It was very interesting and the details were very nice.

On Thursday we took the night train to Moscow. We arrived in Moscow in the early morning. We visited its most famous attractions such as the Red Square and the Arbat. In the afternoon we went to the airport Domodedovo where we took our flight home. Once we were in Venice we went home by bus.

Jana Juren