Our trip to Russia

Then came the day. It was the 10 th of September, I was nervous but excited, because our
destination was Russia.
We arrived in Venice by bus very early in the morning and two hours later we landed in
Frankfurt. There we changed the plane and flew to Sankt Petersburg. The journey took us
four hours.
Our host families were waiting for us at school whose number is 574. Firstly I got to know
Vlada and her dad Sergej. Later at home I also met Tanja, her mother. They were already
kind and welcoming at the beginning of my stay.
We talked a little bit and after dinner Vlada, her friends and I went to the city centre by
underground. That evening I took many photos, really mind – blowing.
The next day we went to school. We had separated lessons from our Russian friends.
After school we went on a trip and we visited Isaac Cathedral, the statue of Peter I and we
looked at the Hermitage from the other bank of the river Neva. It looked huge and
wonderful from outside, but the day after we visited it inside. It was bigger than I
At home I ate delicious Russian dishes, instead at school I almost did not eat anything.
Dining together with my host family was special, because we laughed for everything and
the atmosphere was great.
I remember that on Friday evening it was very cold and when I crossed the entrance door
I saw a soup on the table.
It was the soup called borsch. It is a sour soup, common in Eastern Europe, made with
beetroots, vegetables and meat. They also add sour cream. The soup was excellent, but I
preferred their pancakes more than the soup. In Russia pancakes are called blini.
Sergej told me that he had played basketball and that he loved it. We often talked about
basketball and of our experience on the court.
I loved drinking black tea after dinner, really delicious.
The weekend was free so I and Vlada went to a war museum and then with other friends
tried the Russian escape room. It was hard for me, because all the instructions were
written in Russian, so I couldn’ t do much.
I really liked St. Petersburg more than Moscow, because the city has an historic but also
modern soul and it is like Venice with all its canals.
It was a wonderful experience and I hope that in the future I will fly back to Sankt
Petersburg to see my host family again because I miss them.